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Powerful accounting software that

Custom Invoices, Automated Follow-Up, and Online Payments.  Biller Genie makes collecting money from your customers fast and easy.

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Fully integrated to QuickBooks Desktop and Online!

Make Collecting Payments Easy

We want you to get paid faster and easier.  Biller Genie seamlessly syncs with QuickBooks and automates the invoicing, follow up and reconciliation processes which saves you time and money while improving your cash flow.  Here’s how:

  • Save Time & Money

    Save Time & Money

    Biller Genie streamlines the invoicing and follow-up process.

    Biller Genie empowers you to effectively manage cash flow by automating and standardizing your invoicing process, eliminating duplicate data entry, and centralizing reconciliation. This saves time, minimizes errors, and greatly reduces the number of people required in billing process – so you can spend less and get back to what you do best.

  • Integration & Sync

    Integration & Sync

    Biller Genie connects with major accounting software programs like QuickBooks.

    Easy, one-click synchronization with QuickBooks enables Biller Genie to pull all invoices and customer data so you can start automating your accounts receivable within minutes. From start to finish, from the first invoice to the last payment – Biller Genie works with your accounting software in real-time to manage and track the billing process.

  • Invoices & Reminders

    Invoices & Reminders

    Biller Genie offers automated and branded billing communications.

    Branded invoice templates and unlimited customizable payment reminder emails. Biller Genie can keep you in constant contact with your customers in a professional manner through automated invoices and outstanding balance notifications set to intervals that work best for you.

  • Integrated Payments

    Integrated Payments

    Biller Genie helps you charge and process payments.

    Easily process credit and debit card payments with Biller Genie’s virtual terminal and accept payments from customers via your own branded payment page. Biller Genie removes barriers to payment collection with secure, online point-to-point encryption payment processing and automatic reconciliation with your accounting system. No fees when you take checks or cash and you only pay an industry best flat-rate of 2.90% + $0.25 per transaction* for invoices paid with card.

  • Customer Portal

    Customer Portal

    Biller Genie automatically sends invoices and collects payments.

    Let your customers and clients pay you online in no time. With Biller Genie, create a branded and secure online payment portal for your business and make it more convenient to collect the money you’ve earned. 

Ever wish you could get paid faster? Now you can.

Biller Genie is always free to send custom invoices and automated payment reminders. If you activate the optional integrated payments account, you must complete the online application and be approved based on the sponsor bank’s underwriting requirements. While there are no fixed monthly fees associated with the payment account, there is a $25 monthly minimum while your account is active. We also make it very easy for you to complete your annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) which is required by the card brand associations. We provide free access to our easy-to-use online system to validate your compliance each year, and require that you do so within 90 days of setting up your payment account otherwise a monthly penalty of $34.95 will apply each month you are non-compliant. You can cancel your payment account anytime and continue to use Biller Genie for free to customize your invoices and send payment reminders.

Biller Genie | The Perfect Billing Tool

Biller Genie | Automated Billing, Invoicing, and Online Payments

The perfect tool to increase your

Quick to setup, easy to use.

Getting started is simple.
Automatically invoice clients, collect payments, track transactions, and more in minutes – with Biller Genie.

1. QuickBooks Synchronization

Biller Genie automatically syncs your customer and invoice data with your QuickBooks Desktop file or Online acount. Just configure Biller Genie once and continue using QuickBooks as you usually would – Biller Genie will do the rest!


2. Customized Branding

With Biller Genie, you can easily customize your invoices, reminders, and customer payment portal with your logos and company colors – so you can build your brand recognition.


3. Professional Invoice Presentment

Simply create an invoice in QuickBooks and Biller Genie will customize it and send it out for your customer or client to view online or print at home. When you activate your payment account, your customer can pay online with one-click and invoices are automatically closed in QuickBooks once payment is received.


4. Automated Payment Reminders

Biller Genie features customizable payment reminder templates and a scheduler which allows you to configure as many or as few reminders as you see fit, allowing you to automate communications to your customers, reminding them about past due invoices, and providing immediate payment confirmations.


5. Integrated Payment Processing

Biller Genie makes it easy for customers to pay invoices online with one-click through its optional integrated payment account. Use Biller Genie to securely store customer card information and setup subscription or automatic payments. Take payments over the phone and send customized receipts to your customers with a click of the mouse.


Biller Genie | Advanced Billing Technology For Business

Advanced automation for stress-free billing and collections.

Everything you need to get paid faster.

Whether you’re a business owner, a solo entrepreneur, or an accountant – Biller Genie automates the process of getting paid.

Virtual Terminal

Get paid in just a few clicks – anywhere, any time. Use Biller Genie’s virtual terminal to charge all your one-time payments in a standalone environment that is safe, secure, and easy-to-use.

Customer Payment Page

Accept secure online payments via credit and debit card with a branded payment portal that immediately stores each transaction in Biller Genie and posts it to your accounting platform.

Custom Messaging

Use Biller Genie’s easy-to-edit templates to create your very own branded and professional online invoices that allow all customers and clients to submit their payments from within the invoice itself.

Billing Scheduler

Automatically charge all recurring, subscription and membership payments with Biller Genie’s intuitive billing scheduler, or simply and securely set-up manual one-time payments as needed.

Payment Reminders

Customize, schedule, and send communications to accelerate collection. Let Biller Genie do the follow-up for you, with unlimited automated payment reminders and confirmations.

PCI Compliant

Ensuring the protection of all payment information is a top priority. Biller Genie is 100% tokenized and encrypted, so you can have the peace of mind that your customer data is safe and secure.

Try risk free. No setup fees. Cancel anytime.

Biller Genie | Your Affordable Billing & Online Payment Solution

Free to use, just pay to process. That’s it.

Custom invoices and automated payment reminders are always free to send and schedule.

It’s free to send unlimited online invoices and payment reminders with your company’s branding.

Turn Biller Genie into your Automated Billing Attendant that never sleeps, with the optional integrated payment processing account. Offering a single flat-rate that is among the industry’s lowest, Biller Genie makes it so anyone can put their invoicing and collections on autopilot.

Biller Genie


Custom Branding
Professional Invoice Presentment
QuickBooks Desktop Sync
Unlimited Payment Reminders
Detailed Reporting


Optional Integrated Processing

2.9% + 25¢

One-click Customer Payments
Reconciliation to QuickBooks
Billing Scheduler
Customer Payment Portal
Virtual Terminal


Biller Genie | Let Billing Automation Work For You
  • CLRDHOT! Motorsports
    “Biller Genie gave me the ability to close a $30,000 sale from a technology shy client. Their intuitive and professional customer payment page gave my client the confidence to transfer the funds safely without the hassle of an international bank wire.”
    CLRDHOT! Motorsports
    Daniel S.
  • Accounting To Scale
    “I’ve been using Biller Genie for the last few months and love how it syncs my invoices from QuickBooks and automatically sends out reminders. It's one less thing I have to worry about. I’ve actually experienced my clients calling me to make payments instead of me chasing them. Thanks, Biller Genie!”
    Accounting To Scale
    Tiffany G.
  • POP Creative
    We use Biller Genie to process hundreds of recurring monthly transactions for our agency. Before Biller Genie, sending out recurring invoices and collecting payments was a labor intensive and tedious process. With the help of Biller Genie we are able to completely automate the invoicing and collection of recurring revenue and the best part of it all is that it integrates right into our QuickBooks account!
    POP Creative
    Alex G.

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