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An award-winning cloud-based solution that automates accounts receivable
from bill presentment, to follow up, collection and reconciliation –
without changing your current process.


Biller Genie works like a wish come true for businesses that need relief from all of the headaches involved with the accounts receivable process.


Create an invoice in your accounting software just like you always have, and let The Genie do the rest.


Invoices go out when you choose and on your letterhead automatically.


Late payment & follow-up reminders are sent on your schedule automatically.


Both subscribers & their customers can log-in, make payments, view history, set-up auto pay, from anywhere 24/7.


Integration saves you time by eliminating duplicate work and making reconciliation easy.



reduction in overdue invoices

faster on payments received

hours saved per week of administrative work

Our cloud-based platform is so seamlessly integrated you would think it was part of your accounting software.


Our platform is packed full of unique features that enhance the accounts receivable process. From a fully-functional customer portal to adding late fees with ease, The Genie has you covered.



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Read How The Genie’s Magic Has Worked For These Happy Customers.

“Prior to implementation, we had a challenge with follow up on our Accounts Receivable. Biller Genie has fully automated the process and enabled us to collect payments much more quickly. With the reminders and ability to automatically charge late fees, we see customers taking action in a way they never did before.”


“We have incorporated Biller Genie into our accounting system and it has been amazing! The integration with QuickBooks Online has been seamless, and Biller Genie’s customer service has been exemplary! We no longer have to chase unpaid invoices, and our clients can log in and see all their invoices in one place. This is automated accounts receivable collection on steroids! A+”

Marc H.

“I am a solopreneur and I tried some other online merchant systems. I needed several features to make my life easier. One was to alleviate the inordinate amount of time matching up my QuickBooks to online charges to client online payments. Another was to have auto reminders sent so I was not having to take the time, add a late fee if needed, work with QB Desktop Pro and give clients an account to view current and past invoices. Biller Genie accomplishes all this and more and has a mobile app so I can take payments on the fly.”

Judy B.

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