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2021 Business of the Year Honoree – H. Wayne Huizenga Startup Award

Oct 22, 2021 | Press

Miami, Florida (October, 2021) — Biller Genie automates accounts receivable workflows, brands and sends clients’ invoices, follows up with reminders, accepts online payments and reconciles transactions back into the client’s accounting application. The process speeds payment and reduces overdue invoices and time spent on accounting. Since its 2020 debut, the company has secured funding, won multiple awards for its software as a service, and expects to process over $2 billion in transactional volume.

What’s unique about your C-suite team? Tom and Garima met in 2012 when they were on opposite sides of the same transaction. Garima was the buyer of Tom’s business.

What’s one attribute of your team? Balanced but feisty, a yin-and-yang powerhouse.

If we could ask one person one question, we would ask … Alexander Hamilton his thoughts on the current economy, tech stocks and how to position ourselves for the greatest return.

Any unique traditions? We make our best decisions at 3 a.m. while brainstorming over a good bottle of wine.

Fun Facts

• Tom recently became a dual citizen of the U.S. and Italy.

• Garima is a New Year’s baby, so the whole world celebrates her birthday.

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