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Billing software is a foundational technology for many companies, and as a business grows having a powerful, effective automated solution becomes increasingly critical. Our team is here to serve you and grow your business.

Thomas Aronica
Thomas Aronica
CEO, Founder
AJ Soto
Abraham (AJ) Soto
Chief Software Architect
Kostadin (Kosta) Vasilev
Kostadin (Kosta) Vasilev
Senior Software Engineer
Yoandy Gonzalez
Yoandy Gonzalez
Software Developer

Built on passion and ingenuity.

We aim to democratize automated billing technology and empower small and medium-sized businesses to achieve success by making it cost-effective and accessible.

  • Communicate & Create Transperancy

    Keeping in touch regularly with customers and clients is easy with Biller Genie. Manage communications with branded emails and invoices that you can automate, and always have billing information for all customers and clients easily accessible so you can provide quick answers to any question or query.

  • Integrate Payments

    Adopt a powerful online payment processing and e-invoicing system, allowing customers and clients to submit payments electronically via a custom payment page or directly from within invoices sent. Biller Genie’s automated payment processing and invoicing lowers the cost of the billing process and increases the rate at which payments are received.

  • Manage Recurring Billing

    Biller Genie let’s you keep the billing and invoicing process efficient and well-managed by automatically collecting payments for your products or services that are billed on a recurring basis.

  • Reduce Administration

    Biller Genie empowers you to effectively manage cashflow, by automating and standardizing your invoicing process, and effectively reducing administration overhead. Fast and efficient invoicing, communications, and payment processing vastly reduces the margin for error and turnaround time compared to manual billing. Biller Genie saves you time,  so you can invest it in other areas of your business.

  • Minimize Errors

    Biller Genie offers an efficient invoicing, collections, and payment system that can automatically generate invoices, send communications, and charge payments based on custom settings. This saves time and greatly reduces number of people required in billing process, so there’s less risk for errors.

  • Access Actionable Reporting

    Biller Genie is one integrated solution with a dashboard where you can generate useful reports, allowing your business to quickly project cashflows, assess payment patterns, and identify your most profitable customers and clients.

Clean Interface

Biller Genie was designed to be as intuitive as possible. The dashboard has a clear layout, making your account simple to use and your settings easy to manage.

Anywhere Access

Biller Genie is an online product that you can access from anywhere. It’s mobile-friendly and device ready, so you can invoice, remind, process, and track on-the-go.

Reliable Functionality

Biller Genie is built to work every time and is constantly being optimized to work for you, with enhancements and new features being updated automatically.

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