For all its capabilities and necessary accounting tasks that it can complete, QuickBooks’ Online accounting features don’t put cash in your pocket the way that Biller Genie can. We propose a marriage between what QuickBooks Online accounting software offers and what Biller Genie automated accounts receivable can give you. Together they’ll take your business to new heights. You really can’t have one without the other if you want to be certain as possible that you’ll get paid. 

Biller Genie’s QuickBooks Online Integration

Just signed up for QuickBooks online, but not sure where to start? Check out the Biller Genie guide to learn how to use QuickBooks Online. Biller Genie integrates directly with QuickBooks Online, so there is no new software to learn and you can keep your existing payments processor. The Genie does all of the heavy lifting for you thanks to Quickbooks’ Online integration. Our customers simply hit save and we take over from there – sending out invoices via email or paper mail, following up with reminders on your custom schedule, accepting payments online via credit card,  or ACH and reconciling payments back into your accounting software. Think of Biller Genie as a supercharger or rocket booster for QuickBooks Online. 

QuickBooks Online App Integrations

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically sync your business and customer data with QuickBooks, or even connect QuickBooks to an external SaaS provider? Thanks to QuickBooks Online app integrations, now you can! Many QuickBooks Online users are unaware of the tools available to them via QuickBooks apps. 

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the feature limitations of QuickBooks Online auto invoice reminders or wish you could simplify and automate an accounting-related process like sending overdue invoice reminders? Biller Genie is the app integration that does all of that. 

Biller Genie is your full-time, automated  accounts receivable assistant. It takes care of repetitive accounts receivable tasks, improves your customers’ payment experiences, and gets you paid faster. Unlike other QuickBooks Online apps, Biller Genie provides multiple features that you would need multiple apps to accomplish. It can operate as an all-in-one solution for many QuickBooks Online users.

Where QuickBooks Falls Short

For all its strengths, QuickBooks has some limitations. If you’re like most users, you’ve hit a wall when it comes to functionality. Maybe you want to be able to send automated invoice reminders to your customers via email. Or, you might be unhappy with the not-so-great, generic, QuickBooks-branded invoice payment option included with the service. Quickbooks online provides automated reminders, but they fall short. Biller Genie puts your brand on your invoices, which has an impact on the customer that is measurable and immeasurable in terms of brand trust, brand recognition, and more. It also sends out more precise and frequent reminders that fit with each unique customer.

At the end of the day, businesses need accounting software that offers a wide range of functionality — everything from payment processing, inventory management, and data syncing to billing & invoicing, project management, and accounts receivable. While QuickBooks Online offers users a lot of features at a reasonable price, not everything QuickBooks online does matches user needs. Collecting payments from customers in a timely manner is crucial for small businesses to maintain positive cash flow. That’s where the magic of Biller Genie comes in.

“According to SMB & Money Survey’s results, 41% of businesses report to have experienced cash flow problems.”
– Source: SMB & Money Survey

 Maintaining healthy cash flow helps you pay your employees, pay for operating expenses, and to finance innovation. Without money coming in consistently, opportunities for business growth are limited.

Newsflash, QuickBooks >> Payment Reminders Are Pretty Darn Important

We’re not sure why QuickBooks Online doesn’t offer better options when it comes to payment reminders, but we have heard stories from people who have complained about the lack of usability when it comes to payment reminders in QuickBooks. People share a lot on social media. This person was so frustrated by QuickBooks Payment Reminders, that they screenshotted it and sent it to a Facebook group. Check out the image below. Do you see it? When you turn on Automatic Invoice Reminders in QuickBooks Online, you find out that you can only use them with new invoices, Turning off automatic reminders removes them FROM ALL invoices. What? And that’s not all. You only have the option to send three payment reminders, as you can see below. You have reminder one. Okay. Then another reminder on the due date. Alright. Then, and this is key, the third and final payment reminder comes three days after the due date. That’s it; there you have it in a nutshell.

At Biller Genie, we have more than 30 years of combined experience in the financial service industry and we’re always on our game. We’ll hang our hat on that.. Most people intend to pay their bills, and we prove that time and time again. To improve cash flow, Biller Genie is your best option. QuickBooks Online payment reminders don’t cut it. After all, QuickBooks wasn’t built for invoicing and payment reminders.. 

Businesses using QuickBooks Online may still be relying on slow, manual and time-consuming processes for invoicing and calling their customers to ask about late payments. Relying on manual processes, such as sending out paper invoices, tracking payments received in spreadsheets, and relying on memory or your Outlook calendar to send reminders when your invoices go unpaid just doesn’t work anymore. Research shows that 69% of small businesses still use spreadsheets to track invoices and spending. It’s time you get automated accounts receivable to boost your cash flow.

Biller Genie’s Late Fees Improve Customer Relationships and You Won’t Get Them with QuickBooks Online Alone

Something else Quickbooks Online doesn’t offer is late fees, but we’ve got great news: you can encourage your clients to pay on time without having to rely on invoice reminders alone, all while avoiding the awkwardness of following up with clients personally. How? By setting up late fees in Biller Genie! Learn more about setting up important late fees in Biller Genie.

Biller Genie Solves the Main Problem

Since we were published on Intuit’s Apps in July 2018, we’ve hit the ground running.

Biller Genie’s average subscriber sees a 40% reduction in overdue invoices, gets paid 15 days faster, and saves 10-20 hours of administrative work per week.

In short, managing accounts receivables doesn’t have to be hard.. Late payments become a drain on cash flow and late paying customers is one of the most common reasons why businesses run into financial hardship.

We created Biller Genie to act as a “virtual assistant” to help businesses better manage the invoicing and accounting process. Biller Genie has quickly emerged as a leader in the automation of invoicing and accounts receivable processes. Our platform helps companies work smarter, reduce administrative expenses, and improve cash flow by standardizing and automating invoice procedures and invoice follow-ups By automating the administrative work, business owners and managers have more time to focus on what’s important: creating, inventing, collaborating, and growing their business—not chasing payments.

A Laser Focus on Core Industries Sets Biller Genie Apart

While Quickbooks Online focuses on all sorts of customers, such as retail, we’re better able to fit our product to our users because we focus on being a match for specific businesses. This is what makes us so relevant to those industries. While we help businesses of any size – small, medium, or large – that use accounting software send invoices and are looking to improve their accounts receivable processes, we’re a truly perfect for industries including healthcare, accountants, marketing and public relations, agencies, professional services, legal, manufacturing, wholesale, commercial printers, property management companies, construction, and more. 

We Don’t Like to Play Favorites, But When It Comes to Our Features, Well …

Our top three favorite features that Biller Genie offer include:

  1. The Invoice Messenger. This is the most powerful feature of The Genie. This is how we remind your customers of new invoices, upcoming payments, late payment reminders, and more. The reminder feature can be customized to handle a communication schedule that starts with gentle prompts and progresses to more serious warnings as invoices age beyond the due date
  2. Customer Portal. Our subscribers love the customer portal. Your customers can log into your customized customer portal, branded with your logo and colors, giving your clients a familiar, easy-to-use and secure place to monitor their accounts, 24/7. They can make payments, view payment history, setup autopay, and more. 
  3. Processing Fees. This is a great feature where you can pass on fees for the costs associated with processing invoices. The fees are automatically added onto the existing invoice as a line item, not as a separate invoice, allowing easy reconciliation. No more comparing spreadsheets and your bank account, The Genie handles it for you. 

A Commitment to Innovation & Continuous Improvement That Comes From Being an Agile Startup

We’re always looking for ways to update, improve, and tweak Biller Genie to make it the very best it can be—and add new features to make chasing payments a thing of the past. Our team is on a mission to go above-and-beyond so you can spend more time doing what you love. In other words, we listen to what you have to say. Your feedback matters and it’s what makes us do changes to our software to adapt to the evolution of the financial services industry. We’re not hard-wired and head-strong about never changing. It’s in our nature that as new needs arise, we’ll be there ahead of them. We’re really proactive and predict what’s happening next in the accounting space. Big companies like QBO spend a lot of time focused on so many aspects of their software, sometimes invoicing falls by the wayside. For us, automated invoicing is our bread and butter. It’s who we are and it’s our #1 priority, which is a perfect recipe to excel and beat other companies in their efforts to do automated invoicing and reminders. 

Biller Genie Is Different

Unlike other applications that provide some level of AR automation and payment integration, Biller Genie does not require you to transition away from using QuickBooks Online. Rather, Biller Genie quickly and seamlessly integrates with your existing QuickBooks account within minutes to provide a full suite of AR automation tools, payment integrations, and reconciliation features. Plus, Biller Genie has a branded customer portal that lets consumers view and pay invoices online, see account history, store payment information, set automatic payments, select payment plans, and much more. Most importantly, Biller Genie Is completely committed to customer service. It’s who we are. QuickBooks is a large company, to say the least. We differ from them in terms of customer service because we’re a perfect fit for small to mid-sized businesses. While QBO users may be Fortune 500 companies that might steal away Quickbooks Online’s customer service, Biller Genie is there to help our subscribers anytime help is needed (which we find isn’t too often thanks to exceptional training and customer support). To say we’re focused on delivering top-notch customer service is an understatement. We have a team of people ready to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and navigate the ins-and-outs of our software. Whether you need something specific or just want to say hi—Biller Genie makes your life easier.

Biller Genie Isn’t Just a Nicety, It’s A Necessity

There are a lot of ways to learn about Biller Genie. You could start by visiting our website, find us on social media, or why not simply watch our short explainer video on YouTube. We want you to learn what you’re missing out on by only following up on past due invoices with QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks and other accounting softwares that Biller Genie integrates with, like Xero or Accounting Suite, is essential to your accounting—that’s a no brainer. However, adding Biller Genie for faster invoice payments takes things to the next level. Biller Genie is the Accounting Software integration that gets you paid and saves you time. Especially with so many of us working from home, our cloud-based automated invoicing is not just a nicety, it’s a necessity.