The path of an entrepreneur is one filled with trials and uncertainty. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of society, with small businesses making up 97% of all businesses. Despite not knowing what lies ahead, they push forward, building something not only for themselves, but for others. 

“Throughout American history, forward-thinking individuals have identified niches and conceived smart business ideas to seize opportunities. Executing such initiatives with bold and decisive action is not without risk; ideas fail or flourish not only in the process of creating a business plan and raising capital but at any point throughout the life of the endeavor. It’s been said that being an entrepreneur takes one skill set to establish a business and get it off the ground and another to become a successful chief executive, who is then able to guide and nurture an enterprise.”

The American Entrepreneur contains valuable lessons and strategies learned and applied by 23 innovative entrepreneurs, including Biller Genie’s CEO, Tom Aronica. These lessons and strategies can “save you time, money, and tears, from innovators who have been there and succeeded at that”. 

In The American Entrepreneur, Tom provides readers an inside look at the trials he faced along with the lessons learned, which allowed him to create a successful company. “Most of the entrepreneurial insight in The American Entrepreneur comes from real life lessons you can only learn along the way. I wish I would’ve had that knowledge when starting off, I would’ve avoided some costly mistakes” said Tom Aronica.

The aim of The American Entrepreneur is for you to learn the lessons and strategies that work, beforehand, which will make your entrepreneurial journey more efficient and less painful. Click here to purchase your copy of The American Entrepreneur.


Biller Genie:

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