This year, Biller Genie was accepted into the 2019 Startup Academy as part of the Money 20/20 event in Las Vegas. Money 20/20 is a four-day forum that draws the cream of the crop of the fintech world to share their insights and experiences.

One of the highlights of the annual event is the Startup Academy—an invite-only showcase of startups that are recognized for their innovative contributions to the fintech industry.

Biller Genie, a leading innovator in the accounts receivable automation space, was honored to be chosen as a participant in this year’s event. We sat down with the founder and CEO of Biller Genie, Tom Aronica, to chat about his experience this October.

Biller Genie was accepted into the 2019 Startup Academy because you were recognized as one of the most dynamic and game-changing startups in the industry. That’s powerful. Tell us a little bit about how Biller Genie fits that description.

Well, when we created Biller Genie, we certainly didn’t set out to be a ‘game changer’—we just wanted to help businesses save time and get paid faster by automating their accounts receivables. But it’s nice that we’ve gotten the recognition that we have, and it really demonstrates our commitment to helping other business owners save time, and ultimately—succeed. For us, what’s truly game changing is the feedback we’ve received from our customers telling us how much Biller Genie has helped them streamline their business.

How did it feel getting accepted into this year’s Startup Academy? Did you expect it?

Being accepted was a big honor. But more importantly, it validated that we are developing technology the marketplace needs. As for whether we expected it, well, we are humble people, so we like to keep our expectations low. At the same time, we are confident in the solution we have created, so we weren’t surprised by the feedback.

What was your experience like leading up to the event?

As it was our first time attending Money20/20, we were impressed with the opportunity to network with other attendees and schedule meetings before the actual conference took place. Money20/20 made it very easy for us to get in front of decision makers of leading national and international organizations.

Did you find the program valuable and did it live up to your expectations?

The fact that we were recognized as a top fintech startup was humbling, and being able to participate in this event alongside other up-and-coming fintech companies, larger established brands, and everything in between was truly remarkable. What we could not anticipate was the sheer amount of foot traffic we received at our booth on the Startup Academy floor. Add to that the quality of conversations we had with the other participants and attendees—plus all the opportunities that came our way—and we can safely say that the program far exceeded our expectations.

What was your favorite part about your involvement in this year’s Startup Academy?

Our favorite part was the reinforcement that major organizations see the value in the technology we provide, which tells us we’re on the right track.

If you could give a budding entrepreneur in this industry one piece of advice, what would it be?

Test, test, and retest—you never know what works until you test.

Let’s talk a bit about the Money 20/20 event as a whole. If you had to choose one key takeaway (outside of the Startup Academy), what would it be and why?

There has been a proliferation of automated accounts payable solutions, and that is something we also noticed during the event. But a void remains for accounts receivable automation. To me, priorities seem backwards. Shouldn’t businesses be more concerned with receiving payments from their customers instead of automating payments to their vendors?

I guess the key takeaway from that is that there is a clear need for the solutions we provide, and this was only reinforced by our experiences at the event.

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We were glad we had the opportunity to catch up with Tom and get his firsthand account of what it was like to be nominated as a top 100 startup in the fintech industry. This might have been Biller Genie’s largest public recognition to date, but we are confident that this is only a small thing compared to what’s to come.

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