Biller Genie’s Invoice Messenger, which sends out automated invoice reminders to any customers you choose, is one of the most powerful features of The Genie. Studies have proven that, no matter the industry, companies have problems collecting customer invoice payments. These studies report that almost half of the small and medium-sized business invoices are paid late. 

Late Payments Are a Real Problem

It is not uncommon for telecom, energy, utilities, and similar companies to have problems collecting customer invoice payments, and subsequently paying their own suppliers late. Therein exists a big problem for companies large and small. When invoices don’t get paid, suppliers and vendors don’t get paid, which means big trouble for even the most profitable of companies. With $3 trillion in outstanding invoices reported in the U.S., now higher due to the economic impact of the pandemic, it is more important than ever to collect on unpaid invoices.

Biller Genie Automatically Sends Your Invoices and Other Communications in the Form of Reminders

Biller Genie’s advanced invoice reminder feature is a true asset to any company that wants to get paid. The benefits of sending automated payment reminders are many. The Genie sends reminders, late payment notices, and other follow-ups on the custom schedule you create. There is no longer a need to make awkward phone calls or remember to email customers.

To see at-a-glance which payments are past due, you can head over to review your outstanding accounts receivable with the Invoice tab. From the main menu, click on Invoices. Here you will find invoices that are separated by status and age. You can filter your invoices to review what is current and past due. Visit our Knowledge Base to monitor invoice updates such as when reminders were sent for an invoice, when payment was made, and when customers received a receipt.

Search invoices by different parameters including invoice number, invoice date, due date, and more. When searching invoices, the default view will display open invoices. To see paid invoices or both current and paid, use the drop-down and choose All or Paid.

How to Use Invoice Messenger 

Biller Genie’s Invoice Messenger automatically sends your invoices and other communications in the form of reminders. After you’re set up on the system—which happens seamlessly with our help connecting Biller Genie to your already existing accounting software—there’s no further work on your part aside from creating the initial invoice. The Genie handles everything else, including sending reminders via it’s advanced technology. 

Here’s how to use Invoice Messenger:

Edit your Reminders under Tools > Invoice Messenger. Each Reminder takes the exact action that is listed.

  • New Invoice – Whenever Biller Genie picks up on a new invoice we will automatically send it out. 
  • Invoice Updated – Add a new line item to your invoice, or waive a late fee, we’ll pick up on the change and send your customer an updated invoice.
  • Paid – We’ll send out a Paid stamp every time we receive a payment. If you receive a payment directly in your accounting software, we automatically pick up on that change and still provide a Paid stamp.
  • Upcoming Payment – Notify your customers a few days before to give them a gentle reminder their invoice is about to be due.
  • Payment Due – Sends a reminder to your customers on their invoice due date to ensure timely payment. 
  • Payment Overdue – We’ll remind your customer that their invoice is past due. Send a reminder as often as you’d like until you receive payment.
  • Upcoming Late Fee – Let your customers know they will be penalized if a payment is not made. Add as many reminders as you’d like here, to notify customers a week or 3 days before a late fee is applied. 

In Biller Genie, you simply click on the drop down arrow to edit all your reminders to your liking and to what suits your business needs. We’ve already populated your template with the industry standard message. 

We know that you may not want every single customer to get an invoice reminder. That’s why Biller Genie enables you to customize the invoice reminders to suit your specific clients. If you’d like to turn off any of these reminders for a particular customer, simply go to their Customer settings. 

Customer Reminder Schedule

Biller Genie’s reminder feature, Invoice Messenger, can be customized to handle a communication schedule that starts with gentle prompts and progresses to more serious warnings as invoices age beyond the due date. After your initial setup, sit back and let The Genie do all of the heavy lifting.

Biller Genie’s Invoice Reminders Are Better Than The Rest  

It’s true that other companies, like QuickBooks, offer an invoice reminder feature. However, it’s also true that their reminders pale in comparison to Biller Genie’s. Quickbooks online provides automated reminders, but they fall short. Biller Genie puts your brand on your invoices, which has an impact on the customer that is measurable and immeasurable in terms of brand trust, brand recognition, and more. It also sends out more precise and frequent reminders that fit with each unique customer. When you turn on Automatic Invoice Reminders in QuickBooks Online, you find out that you can only use them with new invoices. Turning off automatic reminders removes them FROM ALL invoices. 

What? And that’s not all. In QuickBooks, you only have the option to send three payment reminders. And what’s even more frustrating about QuickBooks’ invoice reminders is that the third and final payment reminder comes just three days after the due date. That’s just not how we see things working. Invoice reminders need to come at different intervals and more often, when you see fit for your customers. Biller Genie is all about customization and personalization, because we know that no two customers are the same and that most people who are needing to make a late payment will in all likelihood, maybe need more than just a three day extension. Once they pass that three day mark, QuickBooks no longer sends them a reminder. That’s lost revenue, maybe forever. With Biller Genie, invoice reminders come at times that we’ve found to be most conducive to helping customers make those late payments, and Biller Genie’s customer-centric messaging does it with class and style (and on your branded emails, not those appearing to come from a third party).

Branded Invoice Templates

Personalize invoices so they match your company’s look and feel, with your logo and colors. We offer multiple templates to choose from: Traditional, Modern, Classic, & Simple.

Are you ready to supercharge your accounts receivable? Then sign up today. If you are already set up on Biller Genie, great. You’ve already done the hardest part. If you still have questions on how to use Invoice Messenger, or if you have ideas to improve it or additional features you’d like to see, get in touch!