1) You are amazingly efficient, but not quite as much as you would like to be.
You’re an expert at what you do, there’s no denying that. However, you can’t be an expert in everything and you shouldn’t have to be. Who wants to handle annoying debt collection calls anyway? Biller Genie is made up of experts who specialize in finance and accounting, so their expertise is your golden ticket. You could probably handle all of that work and spend a lot of time doing A/R in-house, but would you want to? With Biller Genie, you’re putting your trust in people who can guarantee greater efficiency and perform your A/R activities with improved accuracy and in an extremely, unbelievably timely manner.

2) You are searching your office to find the first aid kit because you are in serious need of a bandaid to fix a customer relationship.
When your customers are stressed out because you made them that way, nothing good will come from that situation. We all know that. Even worse, if customers are frustrated, then the possibility of losing that customer to a competitor gets very real and now you’re really in hot water.

The truth is that customers do want to pay their invoices, but more than likely, they’ve just forgotten about them or put that on a to do list and they haven’t reached that box yet to check it off because they’re busy prioritizing other things. It’s always possible that their to do list was written on a white board and getting you paid was the item that was accidentally rubbed off to the point that it’s faded and illegible. There are lots of reasons and excuses. Outsourcing your A/R services automates account collection for you, not to mention Biller Genie offers automated reminders for clients so that they are sure not to forget to pay you. Who wants to make a collection call to an amazing customer over a late payment when you know that the customer intends to pay? Even so, intending to pay and paying are two different things.

With Biller Genie, your relationships with your customers will improve because you’ll be able to enjoy a healthier relationship with them. They won’t be aggravated at you for following up with them when they have all of the intentions in the word to pay, and you can feel assured that they’re going to pay without your gentle-but-aggravating nudge. Plus, the look and the feel of all communication from Biller Genie is branded to match your business, so the customer experience is flawless. Your clients and customers are also going to really love the customer portal, where they can easily make electronic payments as soon as the invoice or reminder comes. ACH payments are also possible with Biller Genie.

In addition, when the lines between unpaid invoices and overdue invoices becomes blurred, it’s time to call in The Genie. Wouldn’t the world be a perfect place if your invoice follow-up was automated? Thanks to our software, the perfect world is here. With automated messaging, you can have your software send out messages to remind your customer when a payment is due or when a payment is overdue. As a business owner, this can provide time-saving benefits that can allow you to pursue higher grossing activities, which can allow you to further grow your business.

3) Forget the bandaidnow you’re on your way to urgent care because apparently you’re bleeding money.
The longer it takes to collect overdue accounts, the less money your business will be able to recover. It’s a frustrating truth and a statistical fact. Studies show that, on average, companies write off 1.5% of their receivables as bad debt. 93% of businesses experience late payments from customers and 47% of credit sales are paid late. After a long enough period of time, say a year, your accounts receivable are barely worth the paper they are printed on. Working with Biller Genie, who can automate A/R to ensure early and continual communication with clients is your best bet for fighting off falling into one of these statistics. Biller Genie has the expertise to close the books on your accounts sooner — and that’s going to save you money, not to mention a lot of lost time, stomach-turning stress, and head spinning hassle.

4) Your priorities are all out of whack.
Your business needs to grow to survive and that requires a heavy focus on customer service, marketing, research, and development. If you’ve been handling A/R in-house, then you know how time-consuming it can be. Not only that, but it also tends to pull key staff away from more critical growth activities. There’s also the truth that handling collections really can lower employee morale. This is because of the difficult nature of debt collection. With Biller Genie, all these problems go away, as we handle all of this for you. When you outsource your A/R, it enables you to refocus your priorities on what matters – growing your business and ensuring it thrives. 

Some businesses are reluctant to outsource accounts receivable, or they think it will be too costly. This isn’t the case. Biller Genie has affordable pricing, no matter the size of your business. Those companies that haven’t outsourced accounts receivable often attribute their hesitation to a need to maintain control over home-grown processes, which they believe an company – even a company as future-forward and technically minded as Biller Genie – won’t be able to manage effectively. It’s a legitimate concern, but one that isn’t based in fact. The best A/R automation services, like Biller Genie, will take the time to understand your business model and customize a collection approach to your industry and customers. You should do your due diligence to find a partner with a customer-service mindset who is willing to adapt to your industry.

Fortunately for you, you’ve landed on a website of just such a company. Remember, outsourcing Accounts Receivable is one of the easiest ways to save time and money, improve customer relationships and customer experiences, and enable you to refocus your most critical priorities. Hear from the leaders of Biller Genie first-hand to see why outsourcing your accounts receivable is not just your best option, in the future it may also be the only option to keep you on top. Check out Biller Genie on Fox Business Network with Kathy Ireland. And, remember, the term “outsourcing” just has a bad ring to it; it has a negative connotation for some reason. You’re not “outing” anything. You’re bringing in much-needed help and support so tha you can refocus on the more aspects of your business, like scaling your efforts and turning your goals into reality.