Have you ever meant to do something so important or so forgettable that you created a reminder for yourself, only to find that you still failed to follow through? Maybe you wrote a note reminding yourself, but you completely forgot after a busy day. The truth is that most people want to pay their invoices. The reasons they don’t vary, but could be as simple as a reminder coming at the wrong time or not at all. What if things were made simple, really simple, in order to help customers pay on time, every time. With cloud-based invoicing software, invoices get paid faster and much more reliably. Think of cloud-based payment solutions as simply a better means to store and access information over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. 

With cloud-based invoicing software business owners aren’t dreading their bookkeeping duties. They’re not delaying the inevitable while wishing it would never arrive. Quite the opposite, cloud-based solutions like Biller Genie make accounting tasks a breeze. Even more so, the nature of cloud-based software has many additional benefits including the security of data, the ability to invoice from anywhere, and more.

What is cloud-based invoicing software?

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. Cloud-based invoicing software fills the needs of today’s busy business owner, solopreneur, or freelancer. From fast location-independent billing and app integrations to automations and easier payment methods for your clients, cloud-based online invoicing does it all, and a whole lot more.


How can cloud invoicing help to collect on invoices faster?

On average, with manual invoice management, there are several steps involved from the moment your customer provides payment, to the moment you actually receive payment. 90% of businesses worldwide still process invoices manually, and this often includes payment with paper checks. With manual invoicing, the customer has to receive an invoice and then submit payment. Take into account the time it takes for the customer to send payment, for you to receive said payment, and then process the payment. Statistically, this entire cycle can take, on average, about 6 days to complete.

By automating the invoice management process, Biller Genie automatically sends out communications when you choose, ensuring that your customers are always informed on time. This helps to reduce the chance of late payments. This payment system provides customers ease and convenience which in turn, results in Biller Genie subscribers getting paid up to 15 days faster.

Benefits of Cloud Based Invoicing Software

Despite the cost and frustration of traditional bookkeeping methods, some studies conclude that small businesses have been more hesitant to move to cloud-based solutions for accounting, than for any other business operation. 

Invoice From Anywhere

The work from home life that we’re all living today is a far cry from the past normalcy of a 9 to 5 grind. The coronavirus pandemic has brought about the huge need to be able to work from, well, anywhere. Whether you’re sitting at a park or quarantining at home, cloud-based invoicing software enables you to do your invoicing from any local. Wherever you go, with cloud-based invoicing, you can still send invoices in a matter of minutes before then getting on with your day.

Whether it’s from your home office or from the beach, your cloud invoicing procedures are the same and all the data that you need is within easy reach. This means you don’t have to worry about clogging up your computer or your bags with multiple files and folders associated with different client details and what they need to pay. It all exists safely in the cloud.

Your Data is Secure

Imagine that you were working on an important spreadsheet, saved locally on your computer, and something occurs where your computer no longer functions. If your hard drive or data gets damaged or corrupted your accounting data is no longer available. Cloud-based accounting provides a solution to this problem by saving data securely online, reducing the risks presented by more traditional software.

Processes Are Simplified

Simplifying your business processes should always be a priority. Doing so can benefit your productivity and the quality of your output. When you’re working with cloud-based software, everything you need is physically close to you, which means accessing your data is fast and easy, for that one computer, or others on the local network. So, either the business owner or their bookkeeper can easily access all of the customer data they need. Cloud-based software solutions like Biller Genie really simplify the process by taking over the entire accounts receivable process after you create the invoice. The Genie even reconciles everything back into your accounting software.

Makes It Easier for Clients to Pay

Cloud-based invoicing not only makes it easier for you to send invoices but also makes it easier for your clients to pay them. Collecting unpaid invoices can be a headache, but with Biller Genie, things get easier. With Biller Genie, you can include a link within the invoice that allows the client to simply click a button and make an immediate payment. You can connect with multiple payment gateways and offer a payment solution that is best for you and your client.

All payment details are automatically tracked and recorded, allowing you to focus your mind on other things without worrying about adding details or recording payments.

Your client is also left impressed with just how easy it is to work with you, including when it comes to payments. This can make a great long-term impression that will create a lasting impact on the relationship your client has with you.

How Does Biller Genie’s Cloud Invoicing Work?

Similar to how you’re able to save your pictures onto Apple’s cloud with iCloud or save documents online with Google Docs, the same goes for cloud-based accounting software. With cloud-based accounting, your files and data such as invoices, payment history, and customer info are stored online versus locally on your computer.

Cloud-Based Invoicing Software That Integrates With Your Current Process

Biller Genie’s cloud-based invoice management software is one that can optimize your businesses’ accounts receivable by getting you paid faster, saving you time, reducing costs, and improving your cash flow. Biller Genie is a set it and forget it e-invoicing solution that integrates with your existing accounting process. You simply create an invoice your normal way and The Genie does the rest to send, remind, collect, and reconcile payments back into your accounting system. You don’t have to learn anything new.

Collect On Invoices Faster With Biller Genie

With 79% of U.S. consumers currently using online customer portals, it’s clear that the shift toward customer self-service is already happening—and it appears to be working. Biller Genie’s automation and e-invoicing software solution reduces your outstanding balances by up to 40% and gets you paid up to 15 days faster. The Genie automates your accounts receivable from bill presentment to follow up, collection, and reconciliation – without changing your current process. In just a few minutes, The Genie seamlessly integrates with your accounting software, synchronizes your customer data, and with a quick configuration, takes care of your invoicing. Learn important tools and tips for cloud-based accounting software. See how Biller Genie cloud-based accounting software helps you collect on invoices faster and with a greater response from your customers.