The Biller Genie and QuickBooks Desktop integration allows business owners to automate the invoicing and collection process. When you are a small business, it is important to ensure you get paid for your products and services; however, it inevitably happens that after you send invoices to your customers, there are some that go unpaid. When you get tied down by other business operations it becomes difficult to follow-up, send reminders, and monitor the collection process. Biller Genie is a fully customizable, powerful accounting software that will send gentle reminders to accounts with unpaid invoices when and how often you want and can even be configured to take online payments.

“The best part of all—this is a free software,” says Mathew J. Hultquist, CPA and President of The Hultquist Firm, in S.C., who is an experienced QuickBooks Desktop user. You set it up in QuickBooks, and, “Biller Genie will take care of the rest” confirms Hultquist. Watch Hultquist’s The QuickBooks University tutorial demonstrating how to automate invoicing and collections with Biller Genie in QuickBooks Desktop.