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What is Automated Invoicing?

Automated invoicing is invoicing that’s done electronically at scheduled periods with little or no human intervention.

What is A/R Automation?

Accounts receivable automation means that sending an invoice and reconciling it back to the current accounting system is done electronically rather than manually. A manual process requires a human to do at least some of the work. At the click of a button, Biller Genie handles all the mundane billing chores electronically, including sending reminders and collecting and reconciling payments..

How Can Biller Genie Automate My Invoicing?

Biller Genie can automate your invoicing by seamlessly integrating with the accounting software you already use. You barely have to lift a finger to get started.

What does seamless integration mean?

Seamless integration means that a software application can be added, or integrated, into your current software process without disrupting or negatively impacting your existing application. The process is smooth and error free. The two softwares communicate directly with each other, passing important data between the systems.

What Is E-Invoicing?

An e-invoice in an invoice that is issued, transmitted, received and processed electronically. It is digital throughout its entire life cycle, from when the issuer creates it until the recipient processes it.

Why Should I Use Biller Genie to Automate My A/R Department?

Biller Genie gives you a seamlessly integrated A/R solution that takes the burden of sending, reminding, and reconciling your invoices automatically. You don’t have to learn anything new and you don’t have to change your existing processes.

How Do I Reconcile Overdue Invoices?

The Biller Genie software reconciles all invoices automatically when they are paid. It doesn’t matter how long an invoice has been outstanding. The Genie knows exactly where the payment should be applied and does it effortlessly. Upon initial setup, all invoices can be uploaded into the system. If they are past due, The Genie will automatically send out the invoice.

How Do I Get Clients To Pay Overdue Invoices?

The most effective way to get clients to pay overdue invoices is to send escalating reminders on a predetermined schedule. Biller Genie can automate this process for you according to your own standard operating collection procedures. With our flexible system, you can add line items like late fees and finance charges, which act as an incentive to get clients to pay on time.

What Is An Automated Invoicing System?

An automated invoicing system is a set of software that can send invoices automatically without a human having to take part in the process.

How Does Biller Genie Work?

Biller Genie is a set and forget e-invoicing solution that integrates with your existing accounting process. You simply create an invoice your normal way and The Genie does the rest to send, remind, collect, and reconcile payments back into your accounting system. You don’t have to learn anything new.

How do I know Biller Genie will work for my business?

We’re so confident The Genie will work for you that we’re willing to give you a 14-day free trial. You can take this free trial at absolutely no cost to you. All the collections you make are 100% yours to keep. You’re under no obligation to continue. The Biller Genie will disconnect from your current accounting system as flawlessly as it integrated.



Biller Genie works like a wish come true for businesses that need relief from all of the headaches involved with the accounts receivable process.


Create an invoice in your accounting software just like you always have, and let The Genie do the rest.


Invoices go out when you choose and on your letterhead automatically.


Late payment & follow-up reminders are sent on your schedule automatically.


Both subscribers & their customers can log-in, make payments, view history, set-up auto pay, from anywhere 24/7.


Integration saves you time by eliminating duplicate work and making reconciliation easy.

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