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Garima Shah – Orlando Business Journal CEOs of the Year

Jul 28, 2021 | Press

We are proud to announce that our President, Garima Shah, has been named as a part of the Orlando Business Journal’s CEOs of the Year!

“Garima Shah is an empathetic and dogmatic leader. Those of us who have worked or volunteered with her agree that she is a rarity — a woman with not just the capacity for greatness, but someone who personifies it. Through business endeavors and personal projects that take a stand on issues like discriminationand inequality, Garima has helped bring the community together and helped businesses adapt to the challenges of Covid-19. She serves as a mentor and is giving back in so many ways. She puts into practice true leadership and service, traits are only seen in special leaders. She attributes her success to watching her parents — both immigrants — work hard, and to the support and inspiration from her family and the community. Garima’s accomplishments demonstrate how a first-generation American woman can embrace the corporate world, become a successful entrepreneur and still hold true to her family values.” Read More

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