“Like most businesses, collecting payments for services is the key,” says Ali Mandsaurwala, President of Home Health Care of Aventura, in Fla.

Positive Cash Flow = Growth

Collecting payments from customers in a timely manner is crucial for small businesses to maintain positive cash flow. According to SMB & Money Survey’s results, 41% of businesses report to have experienced cash flow problems. Maintaining healthy cash flow helps you pay your employees, pay for operating expenses, and to finance innovation. Without money coming in consistently, your opportunities for growth are limited.

Send Invoices Immediately

The likelihood that customers will pay an invoice increases if you send it immediately following the purchase; yet invoice management remains a top challenge of small businesses today. One reason is due to relying on manual processes, such as sending out paper invoices, tracking payments received in spreadsheets, and relying on memory or your Outlook calendar to send reminders when your invoices go unpaid. Research shows that 69% of small businesses still use spreadsheets to track invoices and spending.  Not only is this workload inefficient and resource-intense, but it increases the risk of errors and frequently causes customer frustration.

Intelligent, Automatic, Accurate

Intelligent invoicing systems, like Biller Genie, automate the entire accounts receivable workflow for small and mid-sized businesses. An easy-to-use, customizable reminder schedule allows you to automatically follow up on late payments using your own messaging on a schedule that you set.  Customers can easily view, print and pay online with just one click, which makes the payment process effortless and increases customer satisfaction. “We have been getting paid faster!” confirms Mandsaurwala. By standardizing and automating the accounts receivable workflow, Biller Genie helps you to get paid faster and with minimal effort—creating more opportunities for growth and profit.

Watch the testimonial video below.