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Xendoo is a cloud-based online bookkeeping and tax solution for businesses. With Xendoo, receive speedy access to financial reports & insights to help you make informed decisions. Xendoo integrates with QuickBooks Online and Xero, making it possible for all small business owners to receive financial peace of mind, expert accounting support, and on-time financials. Say hello to maximized tax-savings with Xendoo.


DocuSend is a cloud-based mailroom that eliminates your overhead because you use it only when you need to mail a document. They print and mail your documents for you through an automated process that sends invoices remotely and safely from any location. DocuSend is a pay as you go service that has no minimum volume requirements, contracts, or set-up fees, and eliminates inventory, mailing equipment, leases, maintenance, overhead, and manual labor.

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