The Genie adds late fees with ease.

Add Late Fees with Just One Click

The Late Fee Manager notifies your customers of late fee terms and conditions. The Genie automatically calculates and applies finance charges to your existing invoices.

Paying your invoices should be your customer’s priority

By charging late fees you ensure that your customers understand that you take collections seriously. You provide a product or service and your customers are expected to pay, on time every time.

Generate Revenue

Collecting late fees and finance charges adds revenue to your business and gives you more working capital.

How It Works

Simply set your terms and conditions and The Genie will automatically: 

Properly notify your customers of your terms and conditions in every invoice memo and follow-up reminders

Notify customers in advance of the next late fee to encourage positive payment behavior

Calculate late fees each period and add it to your invoice

Supercharge your accounts receivable now

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