Biller Genie is a smart, online accounting tool that automates your invoicing and billing processes. Our software allows small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to easily create custom invoices, automate payment reminders, create recurring charges, and allow customers to pay online via a secure payment portal. Maintaining positive cash flow is crucial for small businesses to be profitable, and because Biller Genie is free to use to send invoices and reminders—small businesses can remain competitive with marketplace leaders.

QuickBooks Integration for Online and Desktop Versions

Biller Genie seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks syncing all customer and invoice data. Customers can use QuickBooks as their main accounting software, send already-built QuickBooks invoices, and receive payments in QuickBooks, but leverage Biller Genie to automate it all. Biller Genie now works with both online and desktop versions of the popular accounting software, allowing all QuickBooks users to benefit from Biller Genie’s automated processes.

 Why use Biller Genie? Increase customer satisfaction and improve cash flow.

Customers are more likely to pay an invoice if they receive it either before or immediately following the service. That said, many small businesses and service providers still wait to send paper invoices to customers. With Biller Genie, you can set-up a custom reminder schedule that will automatically send invoices and reminders based on the schedule you set in advance.

By automating these processes, Biller Genie eliminates several steps in the reconciliation process and provides customers with an easy to use, self-service, secure portal to pay their bill online. This ultimately results in reduced administration costs. Today, most consumers in the United States prefer to pay their bills and purchase products online. Using Biller Genie to accept online payments is a familiar and easy method for customers to satisfy their invoices. In addition, by creating an easy, satisfying customer experience, customer retention increases, which results in future profits.

Just How Easy is it to Set-up and Use?

The user-friendly dashboard guides even the most novice user to being able to quickly schedule automatic invoice reminders and easily synchronize the data with QuickBooks. The whole system can be configured in as few as five minutes, and once your schedule is set, and QuickBooks is syncing, Biller Genie does the rest!

One Wish

If there was ever a wish to be granted in the business world—it is that customers pay their bills on time. Biller Genie helps business owners take one more step towards achieving that goal and has proven to help users get paid faster. Just click HERE, and let Biller Genie grant your wish!