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Orange Appeal: An Interview with Garima Shah

Mar 1, 2021 | Press

Orange Appeal

An Interview with Garima Shah

As President of Biller Genie, a cloud-based so􏰀ware that automates invoicing, Garima Shah reviews company financials, finds strategic business opportunities, and manages the Biller Genie team. She has cultivated strong relationships throughout her 17 years in the payments industry.

In addition, she recently opened Amplivive, a full-service wellness sanctuary that offers state-of-the-art therapies to treat every ailment, in The Grove at Isleworth.

What has inspired you in this last year as we have dealt with so many disruptions?

Change is hard, but it is what you make of it; change is not a disruption if you don’t allow it to be. My parents moved to this country when I was a baby; they uprooted their lives and set- tled in a new place in order to provide be!er opportunities for themselves and us. They inspire me to embrace change and embrace disruption because who knows what amazing doors lie on the other side.

I also have two young daughters. I always teach them they can do anything and be anything if they put in the time and the hard work to make it happen. Being an example for them is my daily inspiration.

How have you changed your business outlook or delved into new things?

As a consummate “people person,” I have learned how to manage, build culture, hire, and train remotely. These are things I never thought I would do or want to do. What’s inter- esting is that we have go!en be!er talent, become closer and built a be!er culture all without being face-to-face. That has been eye-opening to me.

What advice would you give other women about powering through in a pandemic?

As women, we have broken through barriers and sha!ered ceilings leand right. We’re practically pros at dealing with whatever challenge comes our way, including the pandemic. My best advice is to stay positive and enjoy yourself and your life. By making time to #nd yourself and doing the things that bring you the most joy you will live in your genius zone and be able to power through anything.

What have been the biggest challenges and greatest rewards?

When the COVID shutdown started, Biller Genie was still in its infancy. Our trade shows, events and major meetings were

canceled. We were also in the middle of a fundraising round that was postponed. However, the greatest reward was the fact that we had to refocus our eorts and take the time to get back to basics. Due to these refocused priorities, we’ve been able to acquire some of the biggest national partnerships that would likely not have happened until much later in our busi- ness lifecycle.

Personal and professional achievements:

I was thrilled when Biller Genie won the Miami Herald Startup Pitch Competition and was featured on “Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland.” For a new startup to get that kind of exposure is unheard of. It truly cemented our place as a lead- er in the #ntech ecosystem and has allowed us to win major clients and investors.

On a personal note, being able to open the doors of Amplivive was incredibly rewarding. I am a huge proponent of health and wellness. I love being able to share this passion and make everyone truly feel be!er when they come in.

I also started a bi-weekly Livestream called Gab with Garima. It is my platform to talk about things that are important to me. One of my favorite episodes was “Advice for Women in Male- Dominated Fields.” As someone from the payments industry that is heavily run by males, I have learned a lot over the years and was so happy to share with other women tips on how to advance and be more successful.

What do you see or what would you like to see for your future?

I’d like to see more people! I love people so I can’t wait to be on a plane and for the world to open back up.

Also, with a female vice president in the White House, I’d like to see women take control of their destinies and their dreams, to really be inspired to make things happen in the world.

Favorite/quote mantra:

“Dance like nobody is watching.”

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