A young company full of hardworking dreamers.


About Us

Biller Genie is a young, fast-moving company composed of a team of motivated go-getters. Founder and CEO Tom Aronica started the company in 2020 to help small and mid-sized businesses automate their accounts receivable process. As a long-time, successful entrepreneur, he understood how costly and time consuming it was to chase customers for payments.

Additionally, Tom recognized that outstanding invoices can choke the life out of a business’s cash flow. Even more importantly, he knew companies needed an easy to implement software solution that integrated seamlessly with the accounting process they already had in place. In today’s competitive business landscape, decisionmakers don’t have the time or mental energy to overhaul their accounting system and work through bugs and glitches. He needed a Genie to do the heavy lifting and handle the mundane, tedious, and repetitive tasks that are such a time-consuming hassle.

Interestingly, Biller Genie didn’t start out as a stand-alone product. Tom is an expert in the payments processing field and realized that processing payments efficiently solved only part of his client’s problem. Solving part of a problem wasn’t enough for Tom. He wanted to help businesses prosper.

The Future of Accounts Receivable

The marketplace cried out for a more comprehensive solution to collecting accounts receivable. Tom listened and quickly developed a set and forget, cloud-based software that was just what his clients needed.

Our Mission

To provide an automated A/R platform that seamlessly integrates existing business processes for the SMB market.

Our Values

We are a software as a service company. Being of service is a vital part of Biller Genie’s culture. Our product serves the market but as humans, we are all in service to one another as we each play our roles in building our future. We are valued for the service we provide just as we value The Genie in our company. There is a genie in each of us and we bring that magic to our work every day.





“Simply put, Biller Genie is getting me paid faster, and easier. The integration was very easy, took about 20 mins, and we were already auto-emailing invoices to clients, and getting payments within 24 hours. I highly recommend it.”



“So easy to use! A few clicks and I was instantly making money. Love this! It simplifies the invoicing process and provides all the automation I will need. Covers all the essentials of billing invoicing. Makes my business so much easier to run and keeps everything on a schedule.”

Evan S.


Five minutes of set-up and boom, we were already getting paid faster. The customized reminders have cut down on the time my business manager was spending chasing clients and has let her focus more on client satisfaction. Plus, who doesn’t love better cash flow?”

Katherine D.


“This enhanced billing system literally took my Accounts Receivables from 90+ days late and unpaid to current in 48 HOURS!!! I cannot recommend it higher. Almost all of my clients are now on Auto Pay. No more billing issues :)”

We Fix Computers


“Biller Genie has greatly facilitated timely payment from our clients, which has saved us both time and money. Whenever we have any questions, customer service is prompt and effective in responding. We highly recommend it.”

VL Paralegal


“At first I was reluctant, but once I signed up, I was impressed. This is the future! Ease of use, money savings, support to get up and running, the ongoing support, the integration features, and overall product. It allows me to systematize
my business.”

Michael H.