Eliminate friction with flexible payment options

Process payments securely

 Our integrated payment processing is PCI Compliant and secure as a vault. Payment information is never stored on our servers and all transactions are tokenized and encrypted so your customers know their information is safe and secure.


With Biller Genie, you can offer your customers flexible payment options from credit card, ACH, and Apple Pay. Using seamless one-click payments, they can pay directly from an invoice.

Credit Card Processing

  • Process one-time sales, refunds, credits and voids
  • Repeat actions off of prior sales to avoid duplicate data entry
  • Swipe cards with our integrated USB swiper
  • Pay multiple invoices for the same customer at the same time
  • Tokenized and encrypted customer database to store cards securely
  • Secure online payment portals

ACH Processing

  • Reduce fraud and chargeback risk
  • Convert paper checks to electronic transactions
  • Secure, tokenized, encrypted, and full PCI compliant
  • Collect authorization forms online with e-signatures
  • Save money at a fourth of the price of credit cards

Apple Pay

  • Enable a true pay-by-one-click experience for iPhone users
  • More secure than accepting traditional credit cards and ACH.
  • Faster payment experience than traditional credit cards and ACH.
  • Lower credit card swipe/processing fees.
  • Smoother user experience for mobile users.

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