Save 10-20 hours per week by connecting your
QuickBooks Desktop account to Biller Genie.


Automate Your Accounts Receivable In QuickBooks Desktop.

With Biller Genie, you can automatically send invoices, follow-up with reminders, collect payments & reconcile transactions directly in QuickBooks Desktop saving countless hours of wasted administrative work. Once connected, our integration to QuickBooks Desktop is seamless, ensuring current accurate data.


Less expensive fees than QuickBooks Payments


Recoup your credit card processing fees


Keep your existing payment processor


Branded online portal with your logo and colors


Stop embarassing collection calls


Eliminate manual reconciliation


No new software to learn


Stress-free set up in 15 minutes

Hassle-Free Two Way Sync

In just a few clicks, Biller Genie integrates with QuickBooks Desktop.

Any changes made to one system automatically syncs to the other, keeping your information up to date, 24/7.



Customer data in your QuickBooks Desktop account automatically gets sent to Biller Genie. When you make an update in one platform, it syncs to the other.

All transactions made in QuickBooks Desktop are automatically pulled into Biller Genie, and payments are reconciled to ensure invoices align across both platforms

When you create an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop, Biller Genie takes over. As soon as your customer makes a payment using Biller Genie, it will automatically post to QuickBooks.

If an invoice is updated in QuickBooks Desktop, it will upload to Biller Genie and trigger the Invoice Messenger tool to send follow-up emails on your set schedule.

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How To Connect With QuickBooks Desktop

Biller Genie integrates to QuickBooks Desktop in three easy steps.

Step 1

Download & Install Biller Genie Sync Manager

The Biller Genie Sync Manager must be installed on a computer that has either local or network access to the company file you want to connect to, but we recommend installing on your QuickBooks server or other PC that hosts your company file. Click the button below to download the Sync Manager and follow the on-screen instructions to install on your computer.

Step 2

Authenticate Agent

When prompted by the Sync Manager, copy, and paste the Agent Token to authorize the connection between Biller Genie and your QuickBooks Desktop file.

Step 3

Provision Agent in QuickBooks

After completing the install, login to QuickBooks as an admin in single user mode and you’ll see a popup asking for authorization for Biller Genie Sync Manager to access. Grant admin access even if QuickBooks isn’t running. The Sync Manager will run in the background and automatically synchronize your chart of account, customer and invoice data with Biller Genie and your company file.

QuickBooks Desktop FAQ

Do I need to update Biller Genie after adding an invoice to QuickBooks Desktop?

No, once you’ve successfully connected your QuickBooks Desktop account to Biller Genie, customer data will automatically sync between both platforms.

If I create a customer in Biller Genie, how will it look in QuickBooks Desktop?

When you create a new customer in Biller Genie, it will automatically send it to QuickBooks Desktop and read as: First Name, Last Name, (Business Name) << ID >>

What if I have a pending invoice in my QuickBooks Desktop account?

Pending invoices in QuickBooks Desktop will not be synced to Biller Genie

How are payments received and recorded?

Once a payment is made in QuickBooks Desktop, Biller Genie will receive it and you can manually record the deposit.

How often does synching take place?

QuickBooks Desktop will sync with Biller Genie every 3 to 5 minutes, or anytime a chance to a customer or invoice in either system is made.

What happens when I need to issue a refund to a customer?

Simply refund the transaction associated with any invoice in Biller Genie and manually record the refund in QuickBooks Desktop.

Can customers make stand-alone payments?

Definitely! All you have to do is attach a stand-alone payment initiated in Biller Genie to a QuickBooks Desktop invoice at a later date.

What if I create an invoice in Biller Genie?

Invoices created in Biller Genie will not sync to your QuickBooks Desktop account. However, anytime you create an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop, it will automatically update in Biller Genie.

What happens during the first sync?

New invoice reminders are turned on when you first sync QuickBooks Desktop with your Biller Genie account, and all open invoices will be automatically re-sent.

How do I know it’s working how it should?

Biller Genie’s Smart Notification center will create to-do list action items in your dashboard if anything requires your attention, such as sync issues.
For more details on how to connect your QuickBooks Desktop account to Biller Genie, or learn more about the integration, please visit the Knowledge Center.

About QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks Desktop products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.