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Biller Genie is your Automated Billing Assistant that eliminates 5 to 10 steps in the traditional collection cycle. Let us help your business get paid faster today!

Don’t change your workflow…

Keep using QuickBooks how you do today to create your invoices, but let Biller Genie handle the rest!

  • Biller Genie

    QuickBooks Sync Benefits

    • Auto send invoices, reminders, and follow up on a schedule you customize
    • Give your customers a self-service, 1 click, online payment portal
    • Automatically posts successful payments and closes the invoice in QuickBooks
    • We make your credit card deposits available in one business day!
  • Biller Genie is always free to send custom invoices and automated payment reminders. If you activate the optional integrated payments account, you must complete the online application and be approved based on the sponsor bank’s underwriting requirements. While there are no fixed monthly fees associated with the payment account, there is a $25 monthly minimum while your account is active. We also make it very easy for you to complete your annual PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) which is required by the card brand associations. We provide free access to our easy-to-use online system to validate your compliance each year, and require that you do so within 90 days of setting up your payment account otherwise a monthly penalty of $34.95 will apply each month you are non-compliant. You can cancel your payment account anytime and continue to use Biller Genie for free to customize your invoices and send payment reminders.

    Biller Genie | The Perfect Billing Tool

    Supported Versions:

    Quick to setup, easy to use.

    Getting started is simple.
    Automatically invoice clients, collect payments, track transactions, and more in minutes – with Biller Genie.

    1. QuickBooks Synchronization

    Biller Genie automatically syncs your customer and invoice data with your QuickBooks Desktop file or Online acount. Just configure Biller Genie once and continue using QuickBooks as you usually would – Biller Genie will do the rest!


    2. Customized Branding

    With Biller Genie, you can easily customize your invoices, reminders, and customer payment portal with your logos and company colors – so you can build your brand recognition.


    3. Professional Invoice Presentment

    Simply create an invoice in QuickBooks and Biller Genie will customize it and send it out for your customer or client to view online or print at home. When you activate your payment account, your customer can pay online with one-click and invoices are automatically closed in QuickBooks once payment is received.


    4. Automated Payment Reminders

    Biller Genie features customizable payment reminder templates and a scheduler which allows you to configure as many or as few reminders as you see fit, allowing you to automate communications to your customers, reminding them about past due invoices, and providing immediate payment confirmations.


    5. Integrated Payment Processing

    Biller Genie makes it easy for customers to pay invoices online with our Integrated Processing account or by connecting to your existing processor.   Use Biller Genie to securely store customer card information and setup subscription or automatic payments. Take payments over the phone and send customized receipts to your customers with a click of the mouse.


    Biller Genie | Advanced Billing Technology For Business

    Secure Cloud-Based Platform!

    Powerful features that automate your Accounts Receivable

    Gain back the time you spend chasing customers for past due payments.
    Work smarter, not harder and let Biller Genie do the busy work!

    Automated Reminders:

    The secret to getting paid faster is standardizing and automating the notification and follow up process.  Biller Genie automatically follows up with your customers as your invoices begin to age using your own custom messaging, so you can put collections on autopilot and focus on what’s most important – growing your business.

    Partial Payments & Multiple Invoices:

    Give your customers the option to pay invoices in full or select if you want to allow partial payments.  Do you have customers with multiple invoices?  Pay them off one at a time or all at once in Biller Genie.

    Customer Portal:

    Give your customers a self-service portal that they login to from your website where they can pay open invoices, view and reprint old invoices, manage stored cards on file and auto-pay settings.  All in one easy to use platform customized with your branding.

    Automatic Billing:

    Do you have customers that don’t want to be bothered and just tell you to automatically charge their account when the invoice is due? Enable Auto-Pay in Biller Genie and post successful payments to QuickBooks to make recurring payments a breeze.

    Try today. No setup fees. Cancel anytime.

    Biller Genie | Your Affordable Billing & Online Payment Solution

    Don’t let unpaid invoices slow you down!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Customer data

    is synced both ways between QuickBooks and Biller Genie, except for the address, which should only be updated in QuickBooks.

    Customers that are created in Biller Genie

    will be synced to QuickBooks with the display name reading as First Name Last Name (Business Name) << ID >>

    Pending invoices

    will not be synced to Biller Genie

    Biller Genie

    will receive the payment in QuickBooks and you can then record the deposit.

    QuickBooks Desktop connects with Web Connector.

    The default sync period is 15 minutes which you can change at your discretion.

    QuickBooks Online syncs 3 to 5 minutes

    after a change to a customer or invoice in either system.

    You can refund transactions

    associated with invoices in Biller Genie, but you must manually record the refund in QuickBooks.

    You can attach stand-alone payments

    in Biller Genie to QuickBooks invoices at a later date.

    Invoices created

    in Biller Genie will not be synced to QuickBooks.

    New Invoice reminder

    is turned on during your first sync, Biller Genie will send all open invoices.

    If a customer that has an invoice

    is missing an email address, Biller Genie provides a simple interface to add the email which will be synced to QuickBooks.

    Smart Notifications

    will create a to-do list action items in your dashboard if any sync issues require your attention.

    Deleting Invoices

    In QuickBooks Desktop will result in duplicates in Biller Genie. Contact us to delete invoices.