Meet The Genie’s Leadership Team.

Thomas Aronica

Thomas Aronica

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Thomas Aronica, visionary and Biller Genie CEO, is always finding how to improve the way businesses operate their accounts receivable, and looking for the best wine to add to his collection.

Garima Shah

Garima Shah


As Biller Genie President, Garima Shah can usually be found (and heard) reviewing company financials, finding strategic business opportunities, managing the Biller Genie team – and serving as volunteer dancer for the team’s social media videos.

Thomas Aronica

Scott Burgess

Vice President of Marketing
Scott Burgess is Biller Genie’s Vice President of Marketing, leading the strategic vision and execution of the brand, while also celebrating casual Friday, every day. Scott has a strong background in marketing and brand development.

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