Upgrade to Biller Genie Premium


You’ve supercharged your accounting software with our plugin, now take your accounts receivable to the next level with Biller Genie Premium. 


The Biller Genie plugin allows you to send out your new invoices via email, collect online credit card payments, and reconcile transactions back into your accounting software.


Biller Genie Premium adds one more step that is crucial to reducing your overdue invoices, save you time and put more money your bank. Remind.

The invoice messenger automatically sends reminders of upcoming payments, past due payments, and upcoming late fees on your custom schedule – with no additional work on your part. No more awkward phone calls chasing late payments. The Genie does it for you.



Create an invoice in your accounting software just like you always have, and let The Genie do the rest.


Invoices go out when you choose and on your letterhead automatically.


Late payment & follow-up reminders are sent on your schedule automatically.


Both subscribers & their customers can log-in, make payments, view history, set-up auto pay, from anywhere 24/7.


Integration saves you time by eliminating duplicate work and making reconciliation easy.


In addition to reminders, Biller Genie Premium comes with a host of other great features that shorten the invoice-to-cash cycle. These features allow you to fully automate your A/R, including a fully branded customer portal, ACH payments, paper mail, processing fees, and more.

Batch Reconciliation

Save hours of sifting through Undeposited Funds and matching bank deposits manually. Biller Genie goes beyond matching individual transactions to invoices and also reconciles your bank deposits with your credit card and ACH batches.

Invoice Reminders

Improve cash flow by using Biller Genie to send friendly and consistent follow-up messages to your customers for overdue invoices. Customize the messaging to align with your brand’s tone and choose the cadence that suits your business needs.

Customer Portal

Empower your customers with self-service capabilities and give them the ability to effortlessly manage their accounts online, 24/7. They can conveniently pay invoices, store payment methods securely, set up autopay, and much more!

Custom Email Domain

Strengthen your brand presence even further by configuring Biller Genie to send invoices using your own email domain. Wave goodbye to generic “No Reply” addresses and showcase your professionalism with each communication.

Late Fee Manager

Biller Genie takes the hassle out of managing late fees by automatically tracking, calculating, and applying finance charges without requiring any manual intervention. Encourage positive payment behavior and ensure your customers take you seriously by implementing late fees effortlessly.

Paper Mail

Did you know that physical mail tends to receive more attention than email? Use Biller Genie to send overdue reminders via USPS without any hassle or time-consuming manual efforts. Reach your customers in a way that grabs their attention and drives prompt payment.


By automating your A/R completely, you remove the headaches involved with invoicing. Our premium subscribers see benefits such as:


reduction in overdue invoices

faster on payments received

hours saved per week of administrative work

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